RubyAndRails Europe

Date 21-22 October 2010
Location Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam
Price € 149,00 incl. VAT

Our speakers


First organised in 2009 the Rumble was considered a big success at RubyEnRails 2009. The basic idea: Try to complete a challenging assignment as good as possible with 2 programmers and limited time.

When do we start?

The Rumble starts friday at 8:30. This is the moment that you will receive the assignment and hopefully start right away. We will be at the venue from 8:00, please use this half hour to install your Mac/PC. Bring your own Mac/PC! Prepare yourself as much as you can...

Community Love

Yes, you can easily conclude that the Rumble organizing committee has an originality problem. The name of the assignment is exactly the same as last year. Only this time, we're focussing on people (although, the people are a dependency as well).

This year, it's all about people, social media and key players. You mission, if you choose to accept it, is to develop a tool to identify the key players in our community.

The rules

  • The Rumble starts at 08:30 and ends at 16:00. You will then have a 30 minute break to prepare a short presentation.
  • Final presentations will be at 17:00.
  • Official team size is 2. You will be allowed to participate by yourself, but only if you can type at two keyboards simultaneously.
  • Please commit your sources every three hours to a github account and provide the judges/organisation with means to access this.
  • We will not share your sourcecode, we do hope you will.
  • Cheating is - of course - not allowed. Cheating is defined as any act of infringing on the aforementioned rules which is noticable by the organisation, other participants or any other entity in a position to notify the organisation.

The assignment

We love people and we love the Ruby community. If there only was a way to identify and point-out those very few key players and topics in the community which should be of interest to everyone. Who / What is hot and who or what is not? Whose star is rising and which ships should be abandoned (women and children first).

This is where you come in. Please help us find a way to solve this social conundrum and perhaps become a rising star in the Ruby ecosystem yourself?

Examples of Possible Community Love Indicators on your very own Community Love Dashboard:

  • What's hot, What's not.
  • What's the impact of a Tweet by Person x
  • Which people are using the same kind of gems you use, what do they tweet
  • Follow / Watch suggestions
  • How to find "People like you"

We look forward to your ideas and please surprise us with your own creativity. Remember, last year's finals showed that your final presentation is definitely part of the Rumble. As a last piece of information your Judges will be: Corey Haines (Software Craftmanship), Sebastian Burkhard (Webscraping), Rick Olson (@technoweenie, GitHub) as well as the Ruby and Rails 2010 crowd.


The scoring will be twofold.

  1. By democratic vote of the RubyEnRails visitors by Twitter
  2. By a team of community celebrities (announced on saturday to prevent bribing).

The Rumble ends when the first team presents their product on stage. We will check the latest commit in GitHub to be sure.. :-)

The presentations start at 17:00 sharp. During the presentation you will have 10 minutes to try to sell your app. The crowd will be 50% of the vote! The other half is the official jury.

The assignment is not strict, you can add new features during the Rumble. The best app is the app who has the nicest features combined with beautiful code and a superb structure.

The vote from the crowd will of course only be based on what you present, the jury will be able to look into your code.

The Awards

The awards will be announced during the Geek Dinner, friday night. So make sure you sign up.


Since the registration for the Rumble has implicitely opened you can find a list of registered teams below.