RubyAndRails Europe

Date 21-22 October 2010
Location Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam
Price € 149,00 incl. VAT

Our speakers

Jeff Rose


Audio Synthesizers

Jeff is a PhD student doing research in large-scale distributed systems, and he is a software architect at Global Orange in Amsterdam. Before returning to grad school he worked on a variety of projects from writing an embedded operating system (Mantis OS) to building web sites with Rails, developing algorithms for medical image processing, and creating an information retrieval system using facial recognition. After Ruby opened his eyes to the power of functional and meta programming he eventually discovered Clojure, which has been a thoroughly enlightening and enjoyable experience. Over the last two years both his research and hobby projects have moved to Clojure, and he founded the Amsterdam Clojurians to learn more from other local hackers.

One of his favorite aspects of being a developer is getting to learn about all of the other domains that programs are used for, and one of these domains is music. As the lead developer of Project Overtone he is creating an environment for creating audio synthesizers and doing live-coding: creating musical programs on the fly. In this talk Jeff will give a whirlwind tour of digital audio, synthesis, and musical programming, live in Clojure. The presentation / performance will be partially supported by Sam Aaron.