RubyAndRails Europe

Date 21-22 October 2010
Location Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam
Price € 149,00 incl. VAT

Our speakers

Sebastian Burkhard


Webscraping techniques

Sebastian Burkhard (Swiss-Finnish; born and bred in Zurich, Switzerland) started his web development career in 1997 with
adventures in dHTML, PHP and Java. In 2005 he did the very cliché thing of falling in love with Ruby and Rails and never looked back since.

He did Rails and Ruby projects in countries like Sweden, Australia and the Netherlands. For companies like the ETH (a top-ranked Swiss research university), University of Sydney, a Dutch sustainable energy consultancy, various dev-shops.

He studied Commerce IT at the universities of Zurich and Uppsala (Sweden). While finishing his Masters degree in Commerce IT at the University of Zurich, he co-founded the startup There he’s trying to increase the transparency of the exchange-traded funds market.

The past two years he has been working extensively with web scraping. It started out with extracting data from a single source and ended with a complete webscraping framework. In his talk he will show the pitfalls, patterns and techniques he learned the hard way.